DOITC Informatics Assistant Typing Test 2013

The result of DOITC Informatics Assistant (IA) 2013 has been declared on 27th July 2013. You can check your result on official DOITC website . Published result can be obtained in pdf file format. Select your cast category properly.

Congratulation to those aspirants who cleared written test of Informatics Assistant Examination 2013 . Now its high time to pass the second round. But it is a little bit hard step because written exams marks will not be considered to prepare merit. Neither typing test marks will be add advantage. Its mean there is no marks for Informatics Assistant Typing Test.

If you have got 80 marks in written test and you FAIL in typing test then you are FAIL!

UPDATE :Typing Test Date Announced .Check here

How to Prepare for Informatics Assistant Typing Test

Typing test will be in online format to prevent any fraud activity in Informatics Assistant Typing Test.
There are two language for this purpose:

  • 1.Hindi
  • 2.English

Though English typing is not hard. You can get good command over it but Hindi typing is a tough task. It's not in our daily routine activity on computer.

Hindi is a combination of vowel , consonants and "MATRA". There is also a Unicode format for this language.

Due to its difficulty,we are providing assistant for you .Learn how many Hindi keyboard are there and which keyboard is used in Informatics Assistant Typing Test.

Types of Hindi Keyboard:

There are three types of Hindi Typing Keyboards:

  • 1.Ramington Hindi Keyboard
  • 2.Inscript Hindi Keyboard
  • 3.Phonetic Keyboard

The keyboard which is used in Informatics Assistant Typing Test is "Ramington Hindi Keyboard" .

Informatics Assistant Typing Test Format

There will be a sample passage for both Hindi and English. You have to type exact passage in a given time. After this test, your performance will be evaluated. If you do not cross minimum typing criteria then you are FAIL!
Even you cross minimum typing level, mistakes and error will be taken into account. There are two types of mistakes:

  • 1. Full Mistakes
  • 2. Half Mistakes

Full mistakes are considered when you completely omit any word, put a wrong substitution of word or add any word from your side.

Half mistakes are checked for Spacing Error, Spelling Mistakes or Wrong Capitalization.

You Take:

We have come up to provide helpful information for Informatics Assistant Typing Test. Please understand test format properly before practice. If you have any doubt or query, please feel free to ask.



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August 18, 2013 at 3:49 PM ×

Hello sir ye typing test online hogi(Software pe) ya word pe legi. Backspace aur delete key allow hoga ki nahi accuracy ke liye

Amit Kumar
August 18, 2013 at 10:20 PM ×

Hello Raushan, Typing test will be taken online.As there is discussion, backspace or delete key may not allowed. You have to type given paragraph in certain time frame with minimum 20 words per minute.

Lucky singh
August 29, 2013 at 1:18 PM ×

@Raushan Kumar
A Good News Friends..
DoIt Rajasthan provides speed typing test at

But they don't provide a 15 min test, So we can test our skill.
I found a website that provide same thing with more lessons and support up to 15 minute... That is .
This wesite provides many lessons in same format as doit mockexam provides, so you should prefer for speed test.

September 1, 2013 at 1:05 PM ×

HI @Lucky Singh
I am very Thankful to You, You provided the link, for more efficient Preparation for IA, Typing.
We are very Thankful to you, God Bless You....


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